Take the Pledge 2019


The Facts

  Objective:  To create a branded collaborative online summer campaign through the use of social media that will allow Don’t Leave Me. Org to:  

 · Solidify sustainable community relationships 

 · Connect to a wider audience 

 · Spread our message: One dog left in a hot car to die, is one dog too many, through the “Take the Pledge” Campaign with the tagline for 2018  Take the Pledge:  Love Em, Don’t Leave Em   

Overview:   While there are no exact statistics on how many dogs die every year from heat stroke due to being left in a hot car, the American Veterinary Medical Association estimates 100s of pets suffer this slow, agonizing and unnecessary fate every summer. Don’t Leave Me. Org informs the public, one dog left in a hot car to die, is one dog too many.   We do know from 1998-2016, 700 Children died in the United States due to being left in a hot car. Arizona Ranks third for vehicular Heat stroke deaths among minor children right behind Texas and California. http://noheatstroke.org   


The Campaign

It is understood, Don’t Leave Me. Org’s core message orients towards leaving dogs in hot cars. In light of the Good Samaritan Bill HB 2494 initiated by Founder Debra Nolen sponsored by Sen John Kavanagh and recently signed into law by Governor Ducey. Don’t Leave Me. Orgs Second Annual Take the Pledge Campaign will include information and Ads related to not only Pets but Human Children.    

The Take the Pledge campaign creates a means by which invited participations are encouraged to share their captioned, Take the Pledge, photos on Social Media in particular Facebook, with the express goal of not only advancing an awareness of Don’t Leave Me. Org’s ongoing Hot Car Awareness message, but information about the participating organizations and or individuals - inspiring meaningful dialogue and forging sustainable alliances through information and fact sharing.     


Now Its up to YOU

So here is what you do:

. You take a photo of you and your family (on 4 legs and or 2)

.  You send the photo to us via our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/dontleaveme.org                             




right here on our website using the contact us feature

. Include the names of the pets and first names only of their humans. Your state is fine but do not include your personal information. We will never post your address or any personal identifying information  - unless you want us to tag your business or mention the rescue you adopted your pet from. 

We will create the ad unless you would like to. If you do it please caption your photo with:  Take the Pledge: Love Em Dont Leave Em.

Dont leave me will share your photo on our Facebook page, and we would expect you to share it on yours - invite your friends to like our page and to support your photo.

Take the Pledge: Love Em DONT Leave Em, as one dog or child left in a hot car to die is one dog or child too many.

Photo Release: